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About The Therapy Collaborative

What We Provide

Knowledgeable Staff: Our independent practitioners are committed and capable of providing top quality care.
Cooperative Structure: We create an environment where independent practitioners work together impartially in order to provide the most effective treatment achievable for each client.
Environmental Footprint: We make efforts to use products and practices that have the least amount of environmental impact.
Community Outreach: We designate a portion of each practitioner’s services to a sliding scale for clients who would not otherwise be able to receive our care.
Interdisciplinary Approaches: We emphasize an integrative approach to care.
Specialized Treatments: We focus on the exceptional treatment of depression, anxiety, prolonged stress, trauma, and relationship issues.
Workshops and Education: We facilitate each client’s ability to become an expert in his or her own care through offering education and workshops.
Diversity Awareness: We are attentive to individual differences and attempt to move beyond simply not discriminating due to race, gender, religious, or sexual orientation to create an environment where individuality flourishes.

What We Are

Client-centered: We listen to each client’s individual needs and provide for those needs.
Holistic: We effectively treat each client’s symptoms while never losing sight of the whole person.
Grounded: We choose quality and knowledgeable practitioners of effective disciplines.
Balanced: We carefully balance the art and science of healing.
Available: We offer extended hours and multiple practitioners for client convenience.
Effective: We craft treatment programs that pay attention to the most relevant treatment including complementary and supportive alternatives.
Compassionate: We maintain strong supportive relationships with our clients.

What We Offer

The Therapy Collaborative offers integrative psychotherapy for children and adults, coaching, alternative therapy sessions, therapy groups, and workshops.
Our purpose is to maximize people’s quality of life through providing client-centered, wellness-oriented treatments in environments that foster healing and growth.
We seek to empower people to take steps toward better health and to develop greater understanding of limiting patterns and the causes of disease physical, emotional, or spiritual. The Therapy Collaborative emphasizes a holistic approach and seeks to amplify health on every level it functions fiscally, environmentally, and interpersonally.

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I can help you focus on the parts of your business that will bring you the most joy and profitability....

by Kate Siner Francis

Tuesday and Wednesday Group meets next week with Kate Siner Francis on October 16th and 17th!

by Kate Siner Francis

  • Maureen  Walsh  MA, MSW, LMHC

    Maureen Walsh MA, MSW, LMHC

    Psychology and social work

  • Abby Stein M.Ed., LICSW

    Abby Stein M.Ed., LICSW

    Psychotherapist and Social Worker

  • Rachel Best

    Rachel Best

    Pediatric speech-language pathologist

  • Kristen Garvin, MA, LMHC

    Kristen Garvin, MA, LMHC


    (203) 803-0336
  • Cristen Sassi, OTR/L

    Cristen Sassi, OTR/L

  • Roswitha Wilner

    Roswitha Wilner

  • Nanci Adams, M.A.

    Nanci Adams, M.A.

    Child/Adolescent Psychotherapist